Young Penwith Artist of the year
Penwith Gallery associates show 
Forme Féminine Inaugural Solo Show at Daisy Laing Gallery, Penzance
3rd International Sculpture Symposium, St Martin du Gers, France
Form Art Fair, Falmouth
Art Untamed, (collection) London
Studio Dor, (permanent collection) Falmouth
Halifax Stone Carving Festival, Halifax Minster
    Morgan's Gallery, Show No.2 Falmouth
Troze Contemporary Art, Gallery Opening, Penzance 
International Ice Sculpture Festival, Jelgava, Latvia 

Troze Contemporary, Christmas exhibition, The Crumb Penzance
MA Fine art Digital, Year One at Central Saint Martins
Jupiter gallery takeover with GASS Collective
Morgans Gallery, Show No.6, Falmouth
Form fair, Falmouth
Carving assistant, Sculpture symposium, les Lapidiales, Port D’envoux France
GASS collective exhibition, Verdant brewery
Quarry House collective Open Studio, Trenoweth Quarry

GASS Collective, Cultivator funded exhibition and Residency, Redruth
Earthly Bodies Collective show, Cornish Bank

Open Studio, Porthmeor Studios
Porthmeor Studio Residency , St Ives
Cultivator Graduate Start-up Award
Graduated Falmouth University with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art
Sculptili.Materiales.Conceptu, The Fish Factory, Penryn

Woodlane windows - Curated and exhibited
Imagine Falmouth, Bi-annual exhibition  
Tate St Ives, U-Studio Festival

BA(Hons) Fine Art, Falmouth University, 2017-2020
Elle Brown is a sculptor whose artistic journey is marked by a deep connection to the female form, the landscapes that have inspired them, and the sculptors encountered along the way. Born of a profound artistic exploration and cultivated through education, experiences, and residencies. The sculptor's odyssey commenced with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art at Falmouth University from 2017 to 2020, an education that laid the foundation for her artistic vision. It was during this period that Dr. David A. Paton, sculptor and lecturer, introduced Elle to the intricate art of stone carving, igniting a passion that would become the hallmark of her work.

In recognition of this development in her practice, Elle received the Cultivator graduate start-up fund, alongside fellow artists in the QuarryHouse Collective. This support allowed QuarryHouse  to continue curating and exhibiting in shows, as well as taking part in a two-month residency at the esteemed Porthmeor studios. Elle participated as an assistant in the annual Lapidiales Sculpture Symposium, France (2022), further deepening her connection to sculpture as an art form and the sculptors who share the same passion. Continuing her academic journey, Elle embarked on an MA in Fine Art(online) at Central Saint Martins at the end of 2022, expanding their artistic horizons and engaging with diverse perspectives on the sculptural medium, as well as connecting with artists world-wide.

The artist's global exploration culminated in the International Ice Carving Festival in Jelgava, Latvia, in January 2023, and the Halifax Stone Carving Festival in May 2023. These experiences enriched her portfolio and offered unique insights into the world of sculpture symposiums. A defining moment in Elle's career so far came with the creation of her first solo public sculpture at the 3rd International Sculpture Symposium in Saint Martin du Gers, France. This achievement marked a significant milestone, showcasing her evolution from an emerging artist to a recognised sculptor.

Throughout Elle's journey, their unwavering passion for the female form has been a constant source of inspiration. It is the eternal muse that shapes their work, intertwined with the diverse landscapes and the sculptors encountered along the way. Her sculptural creations are a testament to their unwavering dedication to the art form and their ability to weave a narrative through stone, ice, wood, and other materials, showcasing the enduring connection between the artist, their subjects, and the audiences they captivate.
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